English Speaking Day

Students are provided with the opportunity to practise their English on Fridays. The English Speaking Days have different themes each month. Students could speak with any teachers in English as well as students on the English Speaking Days.

Friday Reading Time

Embedding English reading time into the school’s timetable every Friday to nurture student’s reading habits. P.1 to P.4 students would read English storybooks with teachers and P.5 to P.6 student would read the newspaper.

English Day (Photos included)

English Day aims to enhance students' confidence and oral skills through fun and games. Students practiced their vocabulary and speaking skills through completing different tasks n in various English stations run by teachers and English ambassadors.


Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

The activity is to enhance students the interest in speech and to promote the active making of expression through speech.

English Anchor Team

The activity aims at enhancing participants’ overall English oral and listening skills and to boost confidence in communicating in English in daily life.

Young Writers

The programme is to enhance students’ writing skills and to organise students’ thoughts and ideas into a creative piece of writing.

Lunch Time Buddy Reading Programme

P.1 and P.2 students would read English books with P.5 and P.6 Reading Buddies at lunch time.

German Swiss International School Hockey and Netball Class

The activity provides students with opportunities to play new sports – more specifically, netball and hockey. In addition, the weekly sessions are held entirely in English, giving students the opportunity to practice their English-speaking skills in a more relaxed environment.

Kids4kids Code + Create

Code + Create is a workshop which consists of story creation and computer science. It allows students to express their stories through computer programming.

Kids4kids My Story Creation

Kids4kids My Story Creation aims at developing students’ literacy and inspiring students to write and illustrate stories to be a creative storyteller.

Kids4Kids Buddy Reading Programme

With this programme, students will get a chance to be read to and take part in fun reading sessions fostering improvement in their English language ability and creativity.

Cambridge YLE Test Preparatory Course (Mover and Flyer)

The courses aims to prepare for the YLE tests cover all four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in a fun and supportive learning environment. This gives students a clear path to improve in English.

SCOLAR The unfold story

Participants will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of specially designed writing, speaking, and listening activities and make their own storybook under the guidance of a native English-speaking tutor.

SCOLAR Rugby English Active Learning

Participants will have an opportunity to have basic understanding of the rules of non-contact TRY Rugby, execute basic skills of TRY Rugby and develop interest in reading stories/information texts on sports in English.